Wednesday , 17 July 2019

10 Interesting Facts About Croatia That You Probably Don’t Know

Croatia have reached the final of World Cup and how they got there will be remembered for the decades. The whole nation is celebrating the best ever run of Croatian team in a World Cup edition. Until now, Croatia did not enter in the final but this time the underdogs came from nowhere and surprised the whole World.

The Blazers were one of the favourites of Group D to advance in the round of 16 but they finished it even better. Two clean sheets in the first two games of the World Cup including historic 3-0 win against Argentina. They finished as winners of Group D in the first round. They are all set to play France in the final but you must know some interesting facts about this nation.

Croatia Interesting facts about World Cup

Facts About Croatia You Should Know

  1. Croatia reached the final of a World Cup competition in their fifth appearance.
  2. The nation is know for having a total population of 4.2 million.
  3. The only team that won all matches [6 out of 6] of 2018 FIFA World Cup.
  4. Croatia became the first team to play extra time in three back to back World Cup matches since England in 1990.
  5. At the start of the competition, Croatia had 3% chance to win the World Cup.
  6. Have you noticed why most of the Croatian’s name end in “ic”? Well, the ending “ic” is a male diminutive suffix, which was traditionally combined with either the name or profession of the parent to create a patronymic surname.
  7. Croatia’s current team is called as the second “Golden Generation” after Blazevic period Golden Generation of 1994-99.
  8. Do you know who is the top goal scorer of Croatia? It’s Davor Suker who scored 45 goals in 69 games. Currently active player Mario Mandzukic is the second most scorer with 32 goals in 88 games.
  9. Croatia has the most beautiful national park in Europe known as the Plitvice Lakes.
  10. Croatia has the richest bird reservation in Europe [until the Serbian aggression in 1991] – Kopacki Rit, near the city of Osijek.

Also see some interesting facts about FIFA World Cup. On 15 July 2015, the winner of 2018 World Cup will be decided at the Luzhniki Stadium. It will be France or Croatia. Whose side are you on?

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