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10 Interesting Facts About El Clasico You Probably Don’t Know

El Clasico“, it is the name given to any football match between Barcelona and Real Madrid. Originally, it was used only for the La Liga games, but today, it is used for every competition whether it is a Spanish league or Champions League or any other competition. We are going to talk about the 10 interesting facts about El Clasico that every football fans should know. Without any doubt, it is the most popular rivalry in Football as it includes two biggest football clubs with a number of stars.

el clasico interesting facts

10 Interesting Facts About El Clasico

This rivalry comes about the two largest cities in Spain. Both clubs are also from different nationalism with Real Madrid representing Spanish nationalism and Barcelona representing Catalan nationalism. Both clubs have a global fanbase; they are the world’s two most followed sports teams on social media also. Let’s have a look at the facts.

  1. El Clasico is the most watched football game in the World after UEFA Champions League final. It is considered one of the biggest club football games in the world and is among the most viewed annual sporting events.
  2. Barcelona’s all-time top goal scorer Lionel Messi is the top goal scorer of El Clasico also. The Argentine has found the back of the net 26 times, more than any other player in the history of El Clasico.
  3. In terms of competitive wins, Real Madrid holds the record of most wins with 95 games. While Barcelona have a record of most wins [112] when you include friendlies also.
  4. It was 19 June 1943 when Real Madrid recorded the biggest win against Barcelona. Los Blancos netted 11 times against Barca in Copa del Rey game which ended at 11-1 win of Real Madrid.
  5. Alfonso Albeniz, Jose quirante, Arsenio Comamala, Walter Rozitsky, Ricardo Zamora, Josep Samitier, Alfonso Navarro, Justo Tejada, Evaristo, Fernand Goyvaerts, Bernd Schuster, Luis Milla, Nando, Michael Laudrup, Miquel Soler, Luis figo, Albert Celades, Ronaldo, Javier Saviola, Luciano, Lizarraga, Hilario, Jesus Maria Pereda, Lucien Muller, Lorenzo Amador, gheorghe Hagi, Julen Lopetegui, Robert Prosinecki, Luis Enrique, Dani Garcia, Alfonso Perez and Samuel Eto’o player for both Real Madrid and Barcelona.
  6. Manolo Sanchis has made the most El Clasico appearances [43 games]. He played for Real Madrid from 1965 to 1971, made 143 total Real Madrid appearances.
  7. Both clubs have a record of most consecutive wins in El Clasico [6]. Barcelona won 6 consecutive El Clasicos from 25 January 1948 to 15 January 1949. On the other hand, Real Madrid won 6 consecutive El Clasico games from 30 September 1962 to 28 February 1965.
  8. A Barcelona supporter is known as CuleĀ or Barcelonista and a Real Madrid supporter is known as Madridista.
  9. Jamie Lazcano, Santiago Bernabeu, Paulino Alcantara, Lionel Messi and Ferenc Puskas are the players who have scored 2 hat-tricks in El Clasico. Lionel Messi has provided the most assists in this rivalry with a total count of 14.
  10. In terms of trophies or titles, Barcelona have won 93 official titles comparing to 89 trophies of Real Madrid.

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So these are the facts about El Clasico. Hope you enjoyed this article. If yes, kindly share it with others. Thank you!

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