Friday , 26 April 2019

2018 FIFA World Cup Fans/Supporters Beautiful Images You’ll See Today

Check out some beautiful images of fans at the FIFA World Cup 2018 right from stadiums, screenings, and other places of Russia. Fans are the most responsible for making Football what it is today. More than one million foreigners visited Russia to witness the most popular sporting event. In order to welcome these supporters, Russia made great preparations and rebuilt most of its stadiums and cities. Get ready to have a look some of the great pics of female and male fans supporting their nations in this World Cup.

2018 FIFA World Cup Fans Images

A fan with supporters of different nations [Source:]

fifa world cup 2018 fans supporters

A female fan with Spanish scarf [Source:]

A French couple before France vs Australia [Source:]

A still from Iceland vs Argentina draw [Source:]

Australia fans with mascot Zabivaka [Source:]

Denmark fans creating the atmosphere [Source:]

Fan of Spain and Portugal sharing a Kiss [Source:]

Fans enjoying Portugal vs Spain match [Source:]

Portugal and Spain fans together in 2018 World Cup [source:]

Spanish fans during the first game [source:]

Spanish supporters cheering for their team [source:]

An Uruguay fan in Dobby [Harry Porter] outlook [Source:]

The 21st edition of FIFA World Cup will run from 14 June to 15 July 2018 in 11 cities of Russia. So far, only 8 teams have won this competition. Brazil have won it five times, more than any other team followed by Germany and Italy with four titles each. Argentina and Uruguay are two-time Champions. England, France and Spain also tasted the Success of trophy once.

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